Personality is a part and parcel of one’s life. However, everyone is not blessed with a great personality. Having a good personality is an asset and leaves a lasting impression on those who are around us. Nowadays, English language has been the most effective tool for communication as well as it has become the symbol of attractive personality. It is widely spoken globally and understood too. It is a language that is in use for a long time and is very effective in expressing your thoughts, feelings and knowledge. Here we are going to discuss about certain tips and criteria which you can follow and develop your personality through English communication skills.

What is Personality?

Personality is how you communicate and behave with others. It refers to an individual’s characteristics, behavior, mindset, attitude and the way you perceive things and see the world. Your parental lineage, family and cultural background as well as environment play an imperative role in shaping one’s personality.

Even though personality is an innate quality, it can be developed too. In the below few lines; we have tried to explain how to do it. It can be developed through:-

– Effective communications

– Right body language whilst speaking.

– Good and patient listening.

– Speaking with confidence and using the right pronunciation.

Effective communications plays a pivotal role in honing one’s personality. Not everyone is lucky to have good communication skills. People with good communication skills have a better and impressive personality than those who are poor in communicating.

Using the right body language is a must for communications. Correct body language exudes confidence which further improves one’s personality. Never show signs of nervousness and make proper eye contact whilst speaking. This is imperative for a smooth conversation. Sometimes, your body language can give wrong signals while talking. Therefore, it is crucial that you use the right gestures to sound convincing and positive.

Only being a good talker is not enough, you have also to be a good listener. Listening is an art you ought to have in a two way communication. Allow the other person to talk and put forward his point of view as well. Only then, can we say the communication is complete and fruitful.

Knowing a common language is a must in a conversation between two people and language plays an effective role in shaping your personality. One should speak with absolute confidence to make a mark of his own. Select your words carefully and sound convincing while communicating.

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