Dear women and home makers,

Feeling tongue tied at your child’s PTA meeting or your husband’s business party at your home – this can be a real embarrassment if you are not able to communicate in English. We know that you are trying to overcome a situation like this; but still waiting for the right time to begin. Why don’t you learn this language within a month or two? Learn English at your home and be confident in this progressive world.

Where is the time? Agreed finding time in this busy and stressful world is tough. However, a solution can be found to every little hurdle. Yes; Home Tuition can be the best answer, where the institute comes to you and not the other way round.

Almost all institutes are taking note of this and offer you tailor-made courses at your door-step at your convenient time and place. There are a lot more benefits of home tuition like:-

– Personalized training on one-to-one basis.

– Flexible time and place.

– Proficient trainers.

– Fees to suit your budget.

– Being training singly is beneficial in the sense that you are made to understand in the language you know the best.

There are institutes in every nook and corner to give you the requisite training. However, identifying and learning from the right people is a must. Follow a few steps before deciding and selecting an institute.

– Check on its credibility and experience.

– Compare the fees.

– Check out its trainers – how good they are???

– And last its viability.

All parents want to give their best possible option to their children. So after knowing requirements of both students and parents, we are available for service with exceptional experience and expertise offering guaranteed results. We are education consultants with several years of track record and core expertise focus on quality education using the latest learning methods.

We at IELTS tutor for English Language training  as well as I.E.L.T.S. Training offer you both – Home Tuition for English and IELTS training.

We provide:-

  • Up to 30 Private Sessions
  • Most Updated Course Syllabus
  • Proficient IELTS & English Training Professionals
  • Convenience of your own time & place
  • Full Practice with mock test at your home


Fees:- 25000/- for one student at home, 18000/- (each) for two students at home.

Fees:- 15000/- for individual training at Anamika’s English Academy (Rs. 4500/- only in a regular batch)

(Note:- minimum travelling charges will be applied for Home Tuition, if the place is far from the railway station.)

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