Get ready for IELTS Writing Task 2

5 Types of writing Topics

Type 1. Agree or Disagree questions

Type 2. Preference Questions

Type 3. Explanation or Description Questions

Type 4. Compare and Prefer Question

Type 5. If question


  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  • Discuss both sides and give your own opinion?
  • Give a reason why you think the problem exists
  • Express your views about the issue
  • Say whether you agree or disagree
  • Decide which side of the argument you support

The examiner will mark your writing task 2 based on specific criteria.

  1. Task response
  2. Grammar and accuracy
  3. Coherence and cohesion
  4. Lexical resources

Possible structure

  1. Introduction: Paraphrase the question & include your opinion
  2. Body Paragraph: Argument for the topic (if you agree / advantages /positive views)
  3. Body Paragraph: Argument for the topic (if you do not agree / disadvantages / Negative views)
  4. Conclusion: Paraphrase your opinion

How to begin?

Step 1.  Planning and organising your ideas        

Before you begin to write, it’s important to make a plan. If you don’t do this, your ideas will be disorganized and you will lose marks.

Step 2. Organise your ideas into paragraph

It is important to produce a balanced answer that looks at both sides of the question equally. It is also important to organise your ideas into separate paragraph.

Make notes of: –

For the motion                                                                        against the motion

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