There is nothing called a ‘Perfect Interview’. Being jittery is normal, however qualified and prepared you are for the job. The anxiety of whether or not, you will get the job is always at the back of your mind. Being nervous is okay, even politicians and business men have gone though such situations at some point or the other. You can clear the knottiness in your belly – let us see how to face an Interview?

  1. Being yourself – Never try to put on airs or attempt copying someone at an interview. It can easily give you in. No employer likes if you put on false airs, rather than be yourself. Act naturally and calm.
  2. Prepare yourself well in advance – Read about the company you are to appear for the interview. Research it thoroughly so you are able to answer the basic questions and not caught off-guard. Normally all employers ask the question as to why you wish to join this company? Prepare an articulate response. Don’t answer like your company is best and so on. Then you will be thrown the next curve ball like – why do you say so?
  3. Decide your attire well in advance – What you wear for the interview is very important. Unless the call letter mentions specific clothing; wear clothes to suit your body structure keeping comfort in mind. Unless you are comfortable in the clothes you wear you will not appear calm and composed. Men – wear formal trousers of solid shades like black, grey, brown, navy blue etc. with a long sleeve shirt again of subtle colour. By subtle, we mean not gaudy and dark. Also bold printed shirts are a definite no for an interview. The women can wear traditional Indian clothes like salwar suits or sarees; again not gaudy. Or if able to carry yourself well in western attire then a formal skirt or trousers with shirt/blouse is okay. No revealing clothes. Make up too should be light and suited to your skin with minimum ornaments.
  4. Checklist – Make a checklist of the things you need to carry for the interview like copy of your resume, your certificates, photograph, other ID proofs, etc. the previous day. Prepare a folder of all the documents and keep it ready a day in advance. This will avoid the last minute rush.
  5. Arrive early – Always arrive at least 15 minutes before the actual interview time. This will give you time to compose yourself and appear calm. And also the employer will know that you are punctual. This will also help you assess the office etiquette to a certain extent whilst waiting for your turn.
  6. Being relaxed – Always be relaxed for an interview and in order to be relaxed do the things that compose you. Practice yoga or listen to soothing music or even just go for a long walk the day before. This will calm your jittery nerves. Only if you are at peace with yourself can you crack an interview well.
  7. Speaking – Speak slowly and clearly at the interview. Wait and listen to the questions before answering. You may be nervous and feeling edgy. However, don’t let this effect you in your listening or answering. By listening with attention; you make the interviewer feel special.
  8. Sitting down – Never sit down unless asked to. Then approach the chair with the least sound and seat yourself silently. Never plonk yourself in the chair or lean too backwards either. Lean slightly forward in your chair and sit upright. This will make you feel energetic and dynamic.
  9. Greeting – If the interviewer extends his hand for a handshake; then please shake his hand firmly exuding warmth. A limp handshake can mean you are not much interested. An Indian form of ‘Namastey’ is perfectly okay.

All said and done; follow your instinct. Remember you are not enacting a play. There are no specific gestures you need to follow. While the above guidelines will definitely help you, not necessary you have to follow them in toto. Enjoy the interview and be proud of what you have achieved. Remember the company has already shortlisted you on this basis.

ALL THE BEST for your first interview!!

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